Colouring Line Art

By Melissa Evans

STEP 4: Colouring the Line Art

Right, so you have just completed STEP 3, and your picure will be looking real good now.

Now is a good time to experiment with the colour of items in your picture. (Double click on the layer thumbnail of the item whose colour you wish to change, and select a new colour).

Experimenting with Colour

Let’s make the picture even better by colouring the line art.This step of the tutorial is so fast, try not to blink.

a) The One and Only Step

Create a new layer (Photoshop Eye Dropper Tool) ABOVE your line art.

Create a clipping group. (Hold down the ALT key and move mouse between the new layer and the line art layer).

Rename your new layer. I’ve renamed my new layer “hair”, as that the line art I’m going to colour this first.

Take your Eyedropper Tool (Photoshop Eye Dropper Tool) and click on the hair.

Click on the new Foreground Colour to bring up the Colour Picker Window.

Drag the selector down diagonally to select a darker version of the original colour. Click OK.

Get your Paint Brush Tool and paint over the line art for the hair. Use a hard brush and make sure you reset the opacity to 100%.

Once you have completed colouring the lines around the hair, repeat this process for each item…remember to create a new layer for each new item.

Fine tune the shades of your line art using Image>>Adjust>>Hue/Saturation…

Don’t forget to Save!

You are now ready for…
STEP 5: Finishing touches