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Monkey Boy & the Tummy Bugs

Monkey Boy and the Tummy Bugs illustration

This weeks quick doodle is Monkey Boy and the Tummy Bugs. I’m quickly posting on a Sunday while Sophia is sleeping,  this week has been chaos and I haven’t found the time to post until now.

Tummy Bug

Picture of a Stomach Bug

After my last post we all got sick with a very unpleasant, super contagious, tummy bug. This is a quick sketch of what imagine a stomach would look like. He arrives, rapidly multiplies and then kicks off a wild party in your stomach! Yuck!!

Faerie Pinch

Faerie Pinch

Quick sketch of a Faerie, to be be finished at a later date. The line weights are all crazy due to using a temperamental biro so I will have to finish and fix it in Photoshop. For some reason all my human-ish characters seem to have their eyes very wide apart. I’m not sure exactly when this shift in my drawing style happened…


Ligers Are Real

A Napoleon Dynamite moment. I only found out the other day that ligers are real…strange but true!