I’m back in 2015!

So having two young children, working and house renovations has been completely and utterly time consuming in the last few years. Luckily for me this year, 2015, things are getting easier.

Need to update this whole website … sometime, but for now I think I’ll focus back on my blog posts 🙂

Natalie Adams Painted & Framed

So I picked up the picture last night from Nelson City Framers. They always do such a great job on the framing. Now I just have to figure out how to get this down to Christchurch.

Natalie Adams Ready For Paint

Here’s a picture I snapped before painting. I painted the picture yesterday, which took 3 hours and dropped it in for framing today. Fingers crossed I’ll be picking it up from the framers on Friday.

Natalie Adams

I completed the line art for a portrait of Natalie Adams yesterday. Natalie has striking cheek bones so I’m looking forward to painting in the contours with watercolour on Monday.

I haven’t decided yet what I’m putting into the background. Thinking of a couple of abstract flowers and butterflies.

Rilke Inspiration

Art is a strange thing. It’s so subjective, some will love your work while others hate it. Yet still we are willing to put it out there because we have no choice, we want to create.

There’s so many ways to be inspired to create, for me personally I often find music inspiring. Recently I stumbled across these beautiful lines of poet Rilke…

This fleeting world, which

Strangely keeps calling us. Us, most fleeting of all.

Once for everything, only once. Never more.

But this just one being, even if only once:

To have been constant with the earth, seems immutable.