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Funny Face

Monster pulls a Funny Face

Monsters like to make us laugh!

Looks like I won’t be getting my new tutorials live until late Feb! So much work on, I’m working on a Saturday…well apart from taking a sketch break! Sketch breaks are the new smoko!

Piggie Learns to Walk on Two Feet

Pig Sketch

I might need to call my blog Pigs & Monsters.

Pink Pig

Pink Pig

My daughter’s favourite animal …the pig! I have been drawing a lot of piggies recently for Sophia. I added a little pink to this one. I am currently working on a sketch which will be my first submission for a tee design on Threadless…wish me luck! I’ll post later this week once it’s on Threadless, and hopefully some of you will vote for my design!

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings
-Salvador Dali

Caught Cross Dressing

cross dressing monster

Hmmm…this one just sort of appeared. Not sure what a psychiatrist would make of my sketches. Does drawing cross dressing monsters hint at something abnormal in my brain?? Ha ha probably!