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Captain Paul Watson Uses My Art

A while back I created a digital portrait of Captain Paul Watson using line art and halftone shading in Photoshop. I was completely thrilled on Sunday to see he used it on a post on facebook! I’m a huge fan of this great man and the important work he does, so it’s a real honor for me. Read his post it’s inspiring!

Nicky Sneak Peak

This is the line art for Nicky aged almost 3 and a ½. I really love the detail of his cute little milk teeth. Originally I was going to use a photo of Nicky with his tongue poking out, to capture his cheeky personality but this photo was too good to go past (it really captures his natural smile) so I’ll have to do a second portrait in the near future 🙂

I love the tongue poking out, a far less traditional portrait, and a little more punk. Maybe I’ll do a whole series … stay tuned!