Ice Mask

By Troy Packer

Ice Mask Photoshop Tutorial 07

Image 11:

I applied a Wave filter to the “eye mist” layer.
Filter >> Distort >> Wave

Again, play with the settings to see what you can come up with.

Image 12:

To make it a bit more random, I duplicated the mist layer a few times and applied the Wave filter a few more times to these layers.
I also applied a Gaussian Blur to a few of the layers too.

Ice Mask Photoshop Tutorial 08

Image 13:

I then changed the opacity of each mist layer in varied steps, for example, One layer at 80%, the next layer at 60% and so on.

I then merged the mist layers together, duplicated and then flipped horizontal, and moved into position over the other eye.

Image 14:

I added a few star effects to it. I created a custom brush for these.

To create the custom brush star brush…

Star Design for Photoshop Brush

Create a new psd at 300 dpi with a white background. (the dimensions I used was 200 x 200 pixels).

Next create a shape like the one shown above. (Create one tapered black line, duplicate and rotate 90 degrees, to form a cross. Merge the 2 layers and duplicate. Rotate this new layer 45 degrees using free transform, and scale down at the same time. Finally on a new layer use a large soft brush to create the centre glow).

Now take the Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a selection around the star pattern.
Finally, in the Edit menu, near the bottom, is the Create Custom Brush option.

Ice Mask Photoshop Tutorial 09

Image 15:

This step, like the stars was just another add–on at the end. I worked on half the face, using a grid line at the middle point, so I can duplicate the layer and flip and match the two together to get a perfect symmetrical design.
Create a new layer
I first select a hard brush with a reasonable size, (about 3 for this image). Then using the pen tool I draw out my design (Don’t know how to use the pen tool? Then do this Pen Tool Tutorial). You can vary the width of the brush as you stroke the lines, as I have done with this one.

Image 16:

As before I duplicate the layer and then flip horizontal and match together. Merge the layers together.

Ice Mask Photoshop Tutorial 10

Image 17:

Now make a selection of the pattern design layer.
Select >> Load Selection
This makes a selection around the design. Turn off the visibility of the design layer and right click on the mask layer.
Go down to Layer Via Copy
This will create a new layer with the shape of the design layer filled in with the pattern of the mask.

Apply a Pillow Emboss
Layer >> Layer Style >> Bevel and Emboss (select pillow emboss from the drop down menu)
Play around with settings until you achieve something that looks good.

Image 18:

It’s a little hard to see on the image above, due to the picture being scaled down to fit on the web page BUT what I did here was adjusted the colour of the design layer. It’s a little easier to see the difference on the more purple chin design area. You can do this using Hue/Saturation or Colour Balance (moving the magenta slider).

Ice Demon by Troy Packer


I erased the ends of the design, which came to a hard point at the ends, using a soft eraser brush.

Fire Demon by Troy Packer

That concludes this ice mask tutorial!
I hope you enjoyed it and maybe picked up a new trick or two. Remember that experimenting is the key.

– Troy Packer

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