Corn Up Nose

Toddler puts corn up nose

Twice last week, for reasons unknown, Sophia shoved corn kernals up her nose. The second time was a little more serious as the corn was so far up her nose we could only see a little yellow when we shone the torch up there. The kernal was up there for about 6 hours until she finally did a big sneeze and pushed the corn into the lower nose again! Toddlers, never a dull day.

4 Responses to Corn Up Nose

  1. Rosa Rocha says:

    What do I do? My baby put corn in his nose… I need to take him to emergency…I’m worried…

    • lissy says:

      Well you have come to the right place, I am quite the expert on this matter because our little darling Sophia ended up doing this so many times. Before you go to the doctor, try pushing closed the good (unblocked) nostril and blowing firmly into the mouth (a short blow, like you were blowing out a match). You’ll need to make sure you have a good seal around the babe’s mouth and blow with force. This should help push the corn back down the blocked nostril. If it doesn’t work you’ll have to head to your doctors office.

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