Blue Pig

Blue Pig

This was a sketch that I fixed in Photoshop. I recreated the lines using the pen tool…the perfectionist way. I upgraded to Photoshop CS5 today and did this image to see what is new…and there are a few changes in there. Most annoying is that when I went to import my sketch from my scanner, the option wasn’t even there…had to have a few swear words about that! Got it sorted thanks to a Google search though (read here), so all is well. Sometimes I wonder if updating my Photoshop is even worth it.

I need to update my tutorials because the “create a fill layer” >> “solid colour” is now slightly different. I will do this in the next few days…

Life is crazy busy. I know I always say I am busy, but on top of being a mum and working, we are trying to buy a house. Scanning the internet, open homes (looking through people’s homes, opening their cupboards etc), second inspections, legal stuff, dealing with agents. Luckily I think we may have found our new home. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much just yet, as we have already been disappointed twice after putting in offers. This house is hideous, hasn’t been decorated since the early 70s and it will probably be a VERY long time before we can afford to do anything. Living in the house will be like time travelling, I may have to start wearing 70’s clothes exclusively. Cheese cut into 1cm squares and skewered with a toothpick, elaborately arranged on half an orange anyone?

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