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Rilke Inspiration

Art is a strange thing. It’s so subjective, some will love your work while others hate it. Yet still we are willing to put it out there because we have no choice, we want to create.

There’s so many ways to be inspired to create, for me personally I often find music inspiring. Recently I stumbled across these beautiful lines of poet Rilke…

This fleeting world, which

Strangely keeps calling us. Us, most fleeting of all.

Once for everything, only once. Never more.

But this just one being, even if only once:

To have been constant with the earth, seems immutable.


Nicky Paint Detail

Nicky’s portrait took just over 3 hours to paint, probably due to the size of it more than anything. I layered more colour to the background of this one, there’s something magic about the way watercolours move across the paper and combine. I’m very conscious of not over painting, knowing when to stop before it loses the loose, free feel. Actually I’m a little paranoid of over painting … it’s constantly on my mind.

One of the reasons I love digital art so much is I don’t have to worry about making mistakes (ctrl + z).

This picture is now in getting framed at Nelson City Framers and I should be picking it up this Saturday.

Nicky Painted

The thing I love most about this portrait is sense of drama and movement. There’s more chaos in the paint which marries nicely with the ultra refined line art in a strange way. Combining the two styles which are so radically different some how works. The layering of paint creates a mood of excitement, almost explosive, which is like the energy of children.

Nicky’s Line Art Ready For Paint

Here’s Nicky’s line art ready for paint. I went for the same size as Sophia’s portrait, it’s big without being huge.